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Turnkey Associate


PSL is fully geared up to associate with you for setting up Pipe Manufacturing & Pipe coating Plants from the Green Field Stage.


Design & Engineering


PSL has a fully-equipped and adequately manned in-house Project Engineering Department having Technical collaboration with renowned Design & Engineering firms from Germany & Italy.

In addition to technical support for the latest Technologies from collaborators, PSL’s Project Engineering Department is regularly in contact with its plant operators to constantly upgrade and improve systems and technologies.


Easy & Early installation & commissioning


With its rich experience in Spiral Pipe Manufacturing and coatings, PSL can install and commision the plants with equipments and machines earlier than others.

PSL’s experienced backup support will bring customers’ plants in commercial production fastest.


Training support


PSL can also provide on the job practical training to Customers’ Engineers/Operators on a fully operational plant in one of PSL’S running factories.


Unique Advantage


PSL IS NOT ONLY A Designer & Manufacturer of Pipe manufacturing & Pipe Coating plants, but also has the unique capability of Commissioning and demonstrating assured production quantity; drawing operational expertise from its own running plants.



No. of Plants

Annual Installed Capacity

H-SAW (Helical-Submerged Arc Welded) Pipes

10 Pipe Mills

750,000 M.T.

HTS SAW (Helical Two Step Submerged Arc Welded) Pipes (1 Tack Welding Mill + 3 SAW Stations)

1 Pipe Mill

300,000 M.T.

Sacrificial Anodes (Al. Casting)

4 Furnaces

5,000 M.T.

Welded Steel Wire Mesh
(For Concrete Weight Coating

1 Plant

1,500,000 sq mtr

Fibre Glass Outerwrap
(for Coal Tar Enamel Coating)

1 Plant

3,000,000 sq mtr

Coating of Pipes & Rebars



3 Layer Polyethylene/Fusion Bonded Epoxy coating (3 LPE/FBE)

6 Plants

10,000,000 Sq mtr

Coal Tar Enamel Coating (CTE)

5 Plants

6,000,000 sq mtr

Concrete Weight Coating (CWC)

5 Plants

6,000,000 sq mtr

Internal Coating (IC)

3 Plants

2,000,000 sq mtr

Internal Cement Mortar Lining (CML)

3 Plants

3,000,000 sq mtr

FBE Coating of Rebars

5 Plants

100,000 M. T.




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