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This port-based special economic zone admeasuring more than 100 hectares of prime land, is only half a kilometer from Pipavav port in the Indian state of Gujarat where PSL has 8 pipe mills in Bhuj district.


PSL-SEZ offers world-class facilities to In/Out Zone users, providing a vital link to the domestic and global markets in the alternative energy & ancillaries sector:



  • Bio Diesel

  • Windmill plant

  • Pipe manufacturing

  • Solar Manufacturing

  • Repair of offshore modules

  • Repair of Offshore Supply Vessels (OSV)

  • Rig and module repair facilities

  • Rig Fabrication & modular inputs for offshore Oil & Gas industry


Power generation is in-house for ensuring quality and uninterrupted supply by utilizing wind energy through wind mills installed within the zone itself.

Logistics and warehousing facilities are available in the Free Trade & Warehousing Zone (FTWZ) within PSL-SEZ.




Due to its immediate proximity with Pipavav port, PSL-SEZ enjoys the following support infrastructure:

  1. Road, rail and ports – energy-efficient multi-modal system of freight and personal movement; railway line and roads between port and the national highway; internal road network confirming to international safety standards

  2. Water – from the Narmada River Project is linked to the port from which a dedicated pipeline leads to the SEZ; rain water harvesting; desalination plant

  3. Sewerage & Drainage – terminal sewerage pumping stations (TSPS); sewage treatment plants (STP); tertiary treatment plant (TTP) for recycling; drainage system for surface runoff by gravity flow

  4. Waste Management – common effluent treatment plant (ETP) meeting the standards prescribed by the Gujarat Pollution Control Board and the Gujarat Maritime Board




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