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  1. The Nomination can be made by individuals only applying/holding shares on their own behalf singly or jointly. Non-individual including society, trust, body corporate, partnership firm, Karta of Hindu Undivided Family, holder of power of attorney cannot nominate. If the shares are held jointly, all joint holders will sign the nomination form. Space is provided as a specimen, if there are more joint holders more sheets can be added for signatures of holders of shares and witness.
  2. A Minor can be nominated by a holder of shares and in that event the name and address of the Guardian shall be given by the holder.
  3. The nominee shall not be trust, society, body corporate, partnership firm, Karta of Undivided Family or a power of attorney holder. A non-resident Indian can be a nominee on re-patriable basis.
  4. Nomination stand rescinded upon transfer of share made.
  5. Transfer of share in favour of a nominee shall be a valid discharge by a company against the legal heir.
  6. The intimation regarding Nomination/Nomination form shall be filed by the shareholders of the company holding shares in physical form in duplicate with company/Registrar & share transfer Agent of the company, who will return one copy thereof to the shareholders whereas in case of shares held in demat form, the Nomination has to be lodged with the respective depository participant ( DP)

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