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Bending Capabilities
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Induction Bends/Spools and air/steam rings are manufactured by the process of induction heating in Technical Collaboration with premier Korean induction pipe-bending company, Sung Il Machinery Industrial Company LTD (SIM), meeting diverse high quality requirements in accordance with ASTM, API, DIN, BS, ANSI, ASME PFI and other international technical specifications. The Bending Unit is approved by EIL, Shell Global and Saudi Aramco.



  • Oil & Gas Sector – Onshore and Offshore Sub-Sea applications

  • Refineries

  • Petrochemicals

  • Power Plants

  • Fertilizers

  • Metallurgical Industries

  • Shipping and other Infrastructure Projects





Bending Capabilities


Induction Bending Machine

I B Mc 1

I B Mc 2

I B Mc 3

Size of Pipe

3” – 14”

4” – 36”

4” – 48”

Bending Radius (mm)




Thickness (mm)

5 – 50 UpTo 14” Dia Pipe

6 – 36 for 26” – 36” Dia Pipe

8 – 32 mm for 38” – 48” Dia Pipe



  • Minimum wall thinning rate and ovality.

  • Precise bending radius and angle.

  • No pipe wrinkles.

  • Reduced oxidation or de-carbonization due to instantaneous heating.

  • Lesser impurities or scratches on the inner surface.

  • Diverse bendings: square pipe, flat bar, I-beam, H-beam, channel sash, etc.

  • Three-dimensional bendings without any welding.

  • Special heat treatment for stainless steel not required due to prompt heating and water-cooling.

  • Uniform hardness.



Thickness (mm)

Upto 14” dia pipe – 5 – 50mm

26” – 36” dia pipe – 6 – 36mm

38” – 48” dia pipes – 8- 32mm


Description of Bending Machine


The Induction bending plant is installed on base frame and pivot track. The base frame supports pipe carriage and rolls. The radius arm is mounted on pivot track assembly through main pivot track. The pipe clamps are mounted on to the radius arm and on to the base frame.

The push drive system is DC electric power motor / gear box. The control system is PLC, which provides accurate and infinitely variable speed control and thereby accurate bending angle control. Induction power pack is of 350 KW for elevating the temperature up to 1050°C. The induction coil mounting / setting is in 3-plane movement configuration.


Bending Process



The pre-inspected pipe having positive thickness is kept on the pipe carriage and clamped hydraulically on the rear carriage. The induction coil and cooling coils are mounted around the pipe.

The concentricity of induction coil is adjusted with 3-plane movement to assure the uniform heating by induction. The radius of bend is fixed by adjusting the radius arm and front clamp. The pointer is also set to the correct degree. The pipe is pushed forward slowly so as to clamp rigidly with front clamp. The pipe is marked for arc length and initial thickness / hardness measurements.

Before starting the bending operations the hydraulic pressure / water level / flow switches etc. are checked. The pipe is now heated by induction to the temp of 815 - 995 C. By pushing the pipe by push clamp the bending of the pipe is started slowly and carried out at speed of 10 - 40 mm/min.

The bending operation is stopped at the specified angle of bend and predetermined arc length. The bend is removed from the machine and kept on an inspection platform for measurement of tolerances.


Potential materials for induction bends

  • Carbon Steel (Seamless/Weld Seam)

  • Alloy Steel

  • Stainless Steel

  • High Chrome Steel

  • High Nickle High Chrome Steel

  • Inconel

  • Monel Metal

  • Copper Alloy

  • Titanium




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