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HIC Test as per NACE TM-0284


HIC tests are conducted to evaluate the resistance of pipeline to hydrogen-induced cracking caused by hydrogen absorption from aqueous sulphide corrosion. An unstressed test specimen is exposed to solution at ambient temperature and pressure and after a specified time, the test specimen is removed and evaluated.


Sulphide Stress Corrosion (SSC) as per NACE TM – 0177 and ASTM E-39 (Four point bend):


Sulphide Stress Corrosion Cracking (SSC) is a form of hydrogen embrittlement cracking which, occurs when a susceptible material is exposed to a corrosive environment containing water and H2S at a critical level of applied or residual tensile stress.


Testing facilities

Non-destructive Testing   Destructive Testing

Hydro-static Test

Online Ultrasonic Testing for HR Coil

Off-line Ultrasonic Testing for pipes

Real time Radiography

Film Radiography

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Visual Dimensional Inspection

Hardness Test


Charpy ‘V’ Notch Impact Test

Drop Weight Tear Test

Hydrogen Induced Cracking

Sulphide Stress Cracking (Four point Bent-Beam method & Tensile Test method)

Tensile Test

Guided Bend Test

Micro & Macro Vickers Hardness Test

Micro Examination










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