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PSL CCS offers products, solutions and advice that can speed up the design and construction of your project. With years of experience and a national presence across India, we can employ our resources to ensure your successful on time project completion.

PSL CCS offers engineered prefabricated steel structures for a wide range of bridge & building applications, from highways and railways to municipalities, to rural and mining projects. Our products are recognized for their durability, cost effectiveness and low-maintenance benefits. They are fabricated in controlled factory conditions and shipped to site for easy field installation.

PSL CCS has its workshop in Daman with a manufacturing facility of 2500 sq. mtr, and has its own in-house testing facilities.

The integrated management system (IMS) of the facility is certified to be conforming to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAD 18001:2007.

Bridge Girders

PSL CCS is one of the major manufacturers of structural steel girders designed to support bridge decks and traffic loads. The durability, cost effectiveness and low-maintenance benefits of structural steel have made it the dominant structural material for medium- to large-span bridges. We have the selection and solution capabilities to meet unique aesthetic, schedule, span or load requirements, all while manufacturing under controlled factory conditions and provide end to end solution.

PSL CCS are also one of the approved vendors of RDSO for railway ROBs and other works.

Structural Steel Girders:

  • Box Girders
  • Channel Girders
  • Double Tees
  • I-Girders
  • Trapezoidal Girders

Corrugated Steel Plate Arch Bridges

Corrugated Structural Steel Plates enablesmall and medium span soil-steel composite structures to be built economically.Corrugated Steel Platesare available in arch, ellipse, round and box-culvert shapes. Spans range from 2 m to 26 m, with larger custom made structures. Structures are assembled in the field using curved plates specifically for the shape designed.

Features & Benefits

  • Rapid installation
  • No approach slab required
  • No deck maintenance required
  • Can be constructed in shallow foundations
  • Granular backfill material
  • Structures are pre-engineered to make the selection process fast and easy as well as minimum site activity
  • Structures can be custom designed and fabricated to optimize cost savings



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