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PSL, apart from having ten conventional H-SAW Pipe Mills, has added to its fold, a state of the art HTS Pipe Mill with an installed capacity of 3,00,000 MT/annum.

In general, the capacity of conventional H-SAW Pipe Mills are limited by the speed of SAW process. One conventional H-SAW Pipe Mill has a nominal installed capacity of 75,000 MT/annum. To overcome this capacity limitation the latest High Speed Two Step Technology has been adopted wherein the Pipe Manufacturing process is split into the two following steps :

In the first step, Pipe Forming and Tack Welding is down with a welding speed of upto 10 mtrs/minute.

In the second step, ID and OD/SAW (Submerged Arc Welding) is carried out on three Off-line Welding Stands. Each stand is designed to weld upto 2.5 mtrs / minute.

This new HTS-SAW Pipe Mill has been set up with active collaboration of two leading German Companies, PWS & ISAM.




Main Equipments of Pipe Mill

Coil Preparation Stand (CPS)

Final Welding Machine (FWM) 2 Nos

Spiral Pipe Mill (SPM)

End Bevelling Machine (EBM)

Pipe Suction Machine (PSM)

Hydrotesting Machine (HTM)

Pipe Cleaning Machine (PCM)

Pipe Transportation System (PTS)

Skelp Welding Machine (SWM)

Non Destructive Testing (UT, RT, & MPT)




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