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Large diameter API Grade pipes with a diameter range of 457 mm to 1524 mm, wall thickness upto 25 mm, length upto 18 meter and upto and including API 5L X – 80 are manufactured at Helical Two Step Pipe mill, Varsana 2. Annual plant capacity is around 3,00,000 MT depending upon order mix.


Helical Two Step Technology Pipe mill consisting of the following steps


First Step : Pipe Formation Unit :


Coil opening operation.

Coil flattening operation.

Welding coil to coil butt ends for continuity.

Pipe forming operation.

Continuous tack welding of the formed pipe.

Pipe end cutting operation.


Second Step : Final Welding


Pipe is then discharged to “Final Welding Station”. Final Welding Station has 3 numbers Welding lines.
Following operation are undertaken here.


Continuous internal welding.
Continuous external welding.


The duly welded pipe is discharged from the welding line for processing of the pipe ends.


End beveling station.

Hydro-testing station for testing of each pipe.

U.T. / Ultrasonic testing station for NDT weld flaw detection.

End X-ray / continuous radiography.

Finishing station and final inspection station.




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