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As part of our efforts to provide our shareholders with quality service, we at Indian Rayon would appreciate your feedback on our investor services. Please give us your responses to questions listed in this form.

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The share department of Indian Rayon
and Industries Limited sends you from time to time documents like annual reports, dividend warrants, share certificates (after transfer ndorsement), etc. The documents are received by you:


You may be seeking clarifications or making specific requests from time to time. In attending to the above, you feel that our services are:


You may be occasionally visiting or telephoning the share department. You find the hospitality and efficiency of the concerned person(s) attending you:


Do you have any grievance which has not been addressed so far?

If yes, please answer the following:
Since how long has your grievance been pending redressal? Less than:

In connection with your grievance, how do you find the attitude of the person(s) you have been meeting/talking to?


The share department through its annual report and half-yearly performance updates and informs you from time to time on various investor-related issues, e.g., depository mode, electronic clearing system, introduction of nomination facility, etc. Do you find such communications useful?


Please give your overall rating to the share department

Kindly give your comments/suggestions, if any, for further improvement of our services:



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