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Hsaw technology
why hsaw pipes are preferred by major markets of the world ?
The preference for SAW (submerged arc welded) pipes manufactured by spirally welding the edges of hot rolled coil (HSAW) over the conventional longitudinal weld steel plates, is showing an upward trend not only in the domestic market but also in the world market where the curve is steeper for HSAW pipes.
USA – The $4.5b Rockies Express Pipeline is the largest pipeline under construction in 20 years in the world’s biggest pipe market – the USA. Due for completion by June 2009, this 2700km pipeline will transport over 51 million m3/d of natural gas from Wyoming in the west to Ohio in the east of the US.
Europe – No market is as discerning when it comes to the highest possible safety requirements as Europe and more so in the high population-density/high-pressure pipeline networks in the core market. HSAW pipes have successfully been passing their most stringent qualification procedures.
India – Most of the capacity addition is in HSAW as it constitutes about 65% of the total demand. Besides being cheaper than steel plates, API-grade HR coil is available indigenously, while most of API-grade steel plates have to be imported from Europe. Gas Authority of India Ltd., the largest gas transmission and marketing company in the country, caused a panic among the conventional pipe manufacturers when they invited bids exclusively for HSAW pipes.
Some advantages of HSAW over conventional longitudinal weld pipes
Lower cost – HR coil to steel plate price differentials ranges from USD 250 to 300
Versatility – they can be used for transmission of oil & gas, water & sewage as well as in structural and piling applications
Wide product range – due to wider range of diameters and up to double the standard length of 12m in longitudinal weld pipes
They are perfectly round with much lower ovality than longitudinal weld pipes
Interruptions during pipe-forming do not result in defects in welded seams
Advanced welding technology allows for high pressure-bearing strength
Collapse tests have proved that better product quality than longitudinal pipes can be achieved
Pipe-forming velocities of up to 12m/min
Simple manufacturing process



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